Leah and Ed – Kingscote Barn

A summer wedding last year at the lovely Kingscote Barn the soft chiffon drapes with gypsophila hoops worked perfectly with the rustic props and elements along with our hessian and lace overlays with lace chair toppers all in all just a simply beautiful wedding to be part of. Teaming up with Sorori Design Florist to make and idea come a reality we even had props on the tables books, vintage frames, candlesticks and other bits and it just looked amazing

Photographer – Laura Power

Flowers Sorori Design

kingscote_leahed_laurapower_0001 kingscote_leahed_laurapower_0002 kingscote_leahed_laurapower_0003 kingscote_leahed_laurapower_0004 kingscote_leahed_laurapower_0005 kingscote_leahed_laurapower_0006 kingscote_leahed_laurapower_0007 kingscote_leahed_laurapower_0008 kingscote_leahed_laurapower_0009 kingscote_leahed_laurapower_0010 kingscote_leahed_laurapower_0011 kingscote_leahed_laurapower_0012